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In emergency and crisis situations there is always time and pressure for action. The emergency and crisis management must therefore be organized so that no time is lost in the information and action processes.

In an emergency, every minute or second counts!

The first 20 minutes of a emergency situation are crucial to the further output and an expansion of a crisis. A dangerous situation or crisis can ONLY be successfully managed, if everyone involved and responsible, get the right information as soon as possible.

With EVALARM®you ensure, that all parties have the right information, as soon as possible and in any location (mobile) available.


EVALARM® supports you not only in the processes of operational emergency management, but also offers completely new possibilities in communication. You can quickly and easily map your internal alarm and emergency scenarios in a few steps. The software has been developed from practice, has been proven repeatedly and offers functions like:

The Evalarm App is running on a smartphone which is held up by a hand
  • Mobile alerting, alarm interface, different alarm levels, additional information, Alarm update Alarm Confirmation and Reject
  • Mobile access to the important contact details  
  • Deployment of task lists for different user groups Real time synchronization of the task status
  • Mobile availability of the important emergency documents, Central updating, mobile building diagrams and fire alarm layout
  • Evacuation with evacuation lists, Mobile processing of evacuation lists Real time synchronization
  • Documentation of the alarm history and activities of all involved parties Data analysis
  • Evacuation Module
  • Guest Feature
  • SOS-Module
  • Dead Man's Switch Module
  • Inspection Rounds (e.g. fire safety)
  • Visitor Management

EVALARM® is based on real-life experiences and is constantly evolving!

Quick and effective information for all involved persons and supporters, everyone knows what to do and acts accordingly and all responsible persons will have the overview at all times.


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