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iMac screen with enterprise consultant analysis software stands on a table with two pots of plants, a Mac keyboard, a stylus and a cup of coffee.

Your Partner in Digitization

Swiss Platinum Consulting is specialized to bring the innovative products of our customers into the market. Through our extensive experience we are able to offer products in the area field of digitization, which bring our customers a technological advantage.

The logo of the company EVALARM

EVALARMĀ® is the No. 1 in the field of "digital alarm and emergency management" and uses the smartphone and tablet as a central element for quick information. The unique combination of the classic alarm and emergency management, the connection of technical alarms (such as building control systems - elevators / escalators) and other functionalities offers everything in one tool, where otherwise many individual solutions are used.

The logo of the XINGATE software from the company XSPERA

XSPERA makes digitization tangible for your company! You want to improve processes, increase of the operating result and / or optimize your processes?
XINGATE brings agility and transparency into the company, without the associated high risks and costs!


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