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XINGATE 3.0 Enterprise Platform is companies' one-stop solution for fiscally responsible digital transformation. Corporate digitalization has never been easier. Realize significant savings potential in all administrative areas.

XINGATE flexibly adapts to existing corporate structures and optimizes the processes in many areas

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  1. Centralize your data, information and business processes on a single platform across the enterprise
  2. Eliminate your routing slip, paper and Excel based processes through fully-configurable, rapid deployment workflows
  3. Collaborate within the team using a vast set of apps, including: news, wikis, discussions, documents, calendars, project center, tasks, and many more…
  4. Plan, manage, coordinate, delegate, control and monitor all activities within your organization
  5. Benefit from an «Out of the Box» Enterprise Solution while not losing the benefit of extendibility in the future
  6. Generate significant savings by digitizing and automating your manual activities

Company control

Companies need a tactical pillar for digitization, in form of an agile and quickly adaptable superordinate platform. XINGATE 3.0 Enterprise Platform provides you the technical foundation for rapid implementation of digitization in the areas of day-to-day operations, management, and administrative functions in your company on a single platform.

XSPERA understands the challenges to replacing legacy systems, that is why XINGATE 3.0 is designed and built to digitize first, and replace later.

What we offer

Company-wide digital transformation as simple as 1-2-3. Experience significant savings potential in operations, management, and administrative areas.

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Why Xingate 3.0

Experience and capabilities speaks volumes

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Everything is already there, you just have to use it!

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