Service-oriented architectures

A large number of notebooks standing on the floor and running service software.

Support of business processes

Thanks to service-oriented architectures (SOA), companies can decide how and where each individual business process can be best mapped. The overriding goal is to secure optimum support for business processes. No matter whether standard software, individual solution or open source: SOA permits in-depth, expert integration of a very wide array of applications - with maximum efficiency.

Speed optimization

By breaking individual products down into their service components and combining them to create a single business process, companies can also react with considerably more speed and make short-term adjustments to evolving market conditions. Rather than having to retool the entire implementation each time, all that is required is the substitution or replacement of individual components. The result: business processes have a much quicker "time to market".

SOA is not a passing fad but a forward-looking management concept that goes far beyond a pure IT platform.

Swiss Platinum Consulting will help you benefit from converting to a service-oriented architecture while supporting the step by step transition from a cost-intensive multi-IT architecture to a homogenous service landscape.

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